Faculty & Staff


Resources for USF CAS faculty members

Faculty Affairs Resources

Faculty Affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences facilitates work life and advancement throughout the faculty career path, including faculty searches, hires, and appointments; instructor career ladder, tenure, and promotion reviews; Visa applications; leaves of absence; MOUs, transfers of tenure homes, and counteroffers; Emeritus and Distinguished University Professor nominations; and resignations and retirements.

Resource & Operational Support Services (ROSS)

ROSS is part of the college leadership team that includes the Office of Faculty Affairs, Graduate and Undergraduate Affairs, & Global Engagement and Research. The employees in ROSS are organized around functional support areas that include budget/financial, human resources, purchasing/travel transactional support, and facilities (buildings, classrooms, laboratories and office space).

Office of Research & Scholarship (ORS)

The core research mission of the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) aligns with the USF Strategic Plan to improve the human condition as well as foster sustainable development and positive societal and global change by engaging in high-impact research and innovation and by promoting the expansion of knowledge.

Faculty Classroom Resources (GUS)

Classroom resources for faculty members from the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies