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How To View Your Pay Stub in GEMS

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How to read your Paystub

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The Pay Cycle

The University of South Florida pays on a bi-weekly payroll cycle. Each pay period begins on Friday and ends two weeks later on Thursday. You will be paid for that pay period one week later on Friday.


Learn more about Changing your W-4 Withholding Certificate and Exemptions.

Direct Deposit

Section 110.113 of the Florida Statutes requires all employees, except undergraduate work study students, to enroll in direct deposit as a condition of employment. USF encourages the use of Direct Deposit by all employees.

Employees enrolled in Direct Deposit, will not receive a printed pay stub, this information can be accessed through GEMS Self Service. The link above provides Step by step instructions for accessing Gems Self Service. Employees without access to a computer can use a computer in the library or there is a kiosk in the UCO Payroll Office – ALN208. 

Learn more in the step-by-step Direct Deposit Training

Multiple Direct Deposit FAQ's

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Paper Checks

If you receive a paper check, the check is mailed to the address on the face of the check on the pay day (pay date printed on the check), in-person pick up is not permitted, and the check will not be re-directed.  If your address has changed, please visit GEMS Self-Service to update the address for future mailings. 

NOTE: If you are a student and have changed your address in OASIS, you also need to change it in GEMS as these two systems do not have an interface.

W-2 Consent Form

You have the option to consent to receive your W-2 form electronically. You need to receive at least one paycheck before you are able to consent to the electronic W-2. If you attempt this prior to that, you will receive a message that you are ineligible. This is because until you are paid, you have no tax balances, and thus no W-2 would be created for you.

Name Changes

For name changes, submit the Name Change Form along with an original Social Security card with the new or corrected name to a Human Resources or Payroll representative.