Need to Know!

To help ensure there are no delays in certifying your degree, it is recommended that you inform your professors that this is your graduating semester.

Once grades have been posted, check them in OASIS. If you have any incomplete or missing grades, they must be resolved prior to graduation.

Taking courses at another institution during your graduating term is not recommended.  If you have approval to enroll in classes at another institution during your final semester, immediately after you receive your grades, electronically submit a transcript to USF or pick up and hand-deliver a sealed transcript to Silvia Martinez in Engineering Student Services, ENC 1302. 

Students who have placed their records on Privacy with the Registrar's Office but wish to participate and be recognized publicly in the commencement program must notify the Registrar's Office in writing by the fourth week of the graduating term.

Honors Recognition at Graduation

In order to graduate "with honors" a bachelor candidate must meet all of the following requirements:

  • A USF GPA of 3.50 or higher (based on USF courses only)
  • An Overall GPA of 3.50 or higher (based on USF and transfer courses combined)
  • A minimum of 40 credit hours completed at USF
  • The Grade Forgiveness Policy cannot be used for meeting the 3.50 GPA minimum

There are three different levels of undergraduate Honor classifications:

  • Cum Laude (3.50 - 3.69)
  • Magna Cum Laude (3.70 - 3.89)
  • Summa Cum Laude (3.90 - 4.00)

If you qualify for Honors, your classification will be recorded during the degree certification process.

Degree Certification

Students participating in graduation ceremonies are doing so before graduation certification is finalized. All potential graduates are subject to final approval by the College of Engineering. This certification is completed after semester grades are posted. Grades are posted one week after the graduation ceremony. If the College of Engineering was not able to certify your degree you will be notified. If your degree was certified, you will receive a emain notification. Diplomas will be mailed to you by the Registrar's Office approximately eight weeks after commencement.