Academic Integrity of Students

Additional Guidelines for Academic Dishonesty

  1. If a graduate student who has been accused of academic dishonesty drops the course, the student's registration in the course will be reinstated until the issue is resolved.
  2. Any assigned grade may be changed to an "FF", "F", or other grade depending on the instructor's decision or the ultimate resolution of an academic grievance procedure. This includes any instance of academic dishonesty that is not detected until after the student has dropped or completed the course.
  3. Notification to the graduate student of the "FF" grade and the option of appeal concerning the alleged academic dishonesty and academic dismissal remains with the instructor and/or department chair (refer to the University Academic Grievance Procedures).
  4. Dismissal for reasons of academic dishonesty will be reflected on the student's transcript with the formal notation: Dismissed for Academic Dishonesty.
  5. More serious violations of academic integrity may be referred to the Office of Student Affairs as a student conduct violation.