Academic Integrity of Students

Disruption of Academic Process

Reference: USF Regulation 3.025

Disruptive students in the academic setting hinder the educational process. Disruptive student conduct is prohibited by the USF Student Code of Conduct and any person may make a direct referral regarding student conduct to Student Conduct and Ethical Development (SCED) at any time for a conduct review and possible university wide sanction.

This Academic Disruption Regulation provides the steps an Instructor may take to immediately address a student disrupting a class or academic setting including restricting a student from class, assigning an academic sanction or other immediate sanction. This is considered an Academic process and provides for academic sanctions. An Instructor may make additional referrals to SCED for a more comprehensive review and additional conduct sanctions which are considered separate from the Academic process.

Please refer to Disruption of Academic Process - Regulation 3.025 for full process and procedures.