Academic Integrity of Students

Violations and Sanctions

The Office of Graduate Studies holds academic integrity in the highest regard. Graduate students are responsible for being aware of and complying with University Regulations and Policies and must conduct themselves accordingly.

The instructor will determine the severity of the offense and the appropriate grade. The grade assignments and additional academic sanctions will depend on the seriousness of the offense and may range from the receipt of:

  • An "F" or "Zero" grade on the subject paper, lab report, etc.
  • An "F" in the course or activity in which credit may be earned.
  • An "FF" in the course (leading to expulsion from the University).
  • Academic Dismissal for any violations of academic dishonesty policies or regulations.
  • Possible revocation of the degree or Graduate Certificate following a thorough investigation.

Any Student in a Graduate Studies course who receives an “FF” grade is subject to immediate dismissal from the University and will not be eligible to apply to any graduate program at USF.