Optional Sections

About the Author

Example: About the Author (Optional)


The About the Author page is a brief biographical sketch written in the 3rd person and located at the end of the manuscript. It generally contains the author's full name, educational background, professional achievements, and important events (i.e.: military service, travel, awards, recognition, etc.).

Please note, this section is located at the end of the manuscript, cannot be longer than a page and does not have a page number. It must be the final page of the manuscript.

Deleting a Page Number on the Last Page
  1. Insert a section break at the end of the previous page.
  2. Open the footer in the About the Author page and select the page number.
  3. De-select "Link to Previous" in the Header/Footer menu.
  4. Select the page number and hit the Delete key.
  5. Check to see that all previous page numbers are still there - if they aren't, use your "Undo" button on the ribbon to undo what you just did.


General Formatting
  • Line Spacing: Double-spaced.
  • Page Number: No page number
  • Table of Contents: Rather than a page number, write "End Page" 
Section Heading Formatting
  • All 1st-order headings must be 2" from the top edge of the page and must be styled consistently.
Content Formatting
  • About the Author cannot be longer than one page.
  • Must be formatted in the same style as the Main Body