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The Appendix is where copyright permissions, IRB Letters, and supplementary, informational, and/or illustrative materials that are too lengthy for inclusion in the main body are placed. The material within the appendix does not have to meet the double spacing and font requirements, but must be formatted within the 1" margins, and must be legible.

Reprints of published articles can be compiled within the Appendices though this is not recommended. It is preferred that the previously published chapters be formatted within the manuscript. No matter where the reprint is placed copyright permission must be included.

The Appendices should be the final section of the manuscript (unless you choose to include an About the Author page). 
Each appendix subsection or appendix chapter (depending on how you choose to structure the Appendices) must be listed using numbers, or letters, in a consistent style, such as:

  • Appendix I: Title, Appendix II: Title, Appendix III: Title

  • Appendix 1 Title, Appendix 2 Title, Appendix 3 Title

  • Appendix A: Title, Appendix B: Title, Appendix C: Title

Further, each appendix chapter or subsection must have a title, and each must be listed in the Table of Contents.

NOTE: Make sure all personal information (personal addresses, emails, and phone numbers) is redacted from the material. Work addresses, emails and phone numbers may remain as they are publicly accessible.


General Formatting
  • Line Spacing: May be single-spaced or double-spaced.
Appendices as a Single Chapter Formatting
  • Appendices” must be formatted as a 1st order heading and spaced 2" from the top of the page on a title page. Nothing else is on this page.
  • The Appendix subsection headings must be styled as other 2nd order headings
  • The Appendix subsections headings appear in the TOC as 2nd order headings with the appropriate indentation.
  • Appendices page numbers are Arabic numerals and continue consecutively from the body of the manuscript.
  • Published manuscripts, if placed in the Appendices, are compiled within the last Appendix subsection and do not need to have page numbers.
Appendices as Multiple Chapters Formatting
  • Each Appendix section is styled as an independent chapter and starts on a new page.
  • All Appendix Section Headings are styled as 1st order headings and located 2" from the top of the page.
  • Appendices page numbers are Arabic numerals and continue consecutively from the body of the manuscript.
  • Published manuscripts, if placed in the Appendices, are compiled within the last Appendix chapter and do not need to have page numbers.

How to Write Appendices in the Table of Contents

Previously Published Articles

Guidance for Previously Published Articles as a PDF in the Appendices:

The placement of a reprinted article in the appendix is discouraged. It is preferred that all previously published work be formatted within the ETD manuscript (in Word or LaTex) as individual chapters and formatted to align with the ETD manuscript's formatting rather than inserted into an appendix. Previously published articles reformatted as chapters must have a footnote on the title or a note to reader to indicate that it is a previously published work, and the copyright permission must be placed in an appendix. Otherwise, the previously published work will be made consistent in formatting with the other chapters.

If you do choose to reprint a previously published article, rather than formatting the article as a chapter:

  1. The previously published work should be placed in the last Appendix Chapter(s).
  2. Copyright permissions to reprint should come in an Appendix before the chapter(s).
  3. Consecutive page numbers in the manuscript are required even though there are page numbers on the PDF.
  4. The 1” margin of the ETD manuscript must be maintained.
  5. The PDF must be searchable/editable for indexing purposes, so it is recommended that the PDF of the article be merged with the manuscript.
  6. Under the Appendix Heading for the reprint, there must be a paragraph explaining that the article is a reprint. The first page of the article will appear on the next page.
  7. Tables and Figures in the reprinted article must be listed in the List of Tables (LOT) and List of Figures (LOF) of the manuscript. The Table or Figure number in the LOT will include the Appendix Letter before the number and include the first sentence of the caption as written in the reprint. So, if a reprint is in Appendix C, then in the list of tables one would put: Table C.1     Table 1. Title of Table in Manuscript in Reprint.
  8. It is required that the level 2 headings in the reprint be listed in the TOC under that appendix, as they are written in the original article, but other subheadings may be omitted.
  9. Note the page number of your dissertation, not the original article, in the TOC, LOT, and LOF.
  10. Preprints, articles submitted but not yet published, must be formatted as normal chapters within the ETD manuscript, not as appendices, as they are not reprints. These cannot be placed in an appendix.