Newly Admitted Students

Your ID and Personal Accounts

USFID (U Number)

(Example: #U12345678) The USFID is your unique ID number at USF. Your USFID helps the University provide you with services and helps to safely identify you without the need to disclose your Social Security Number to others. USFID numbers are originally given to you via email in your acceptance letter.

The USFID is used for academic, business and administrative transactions requiring an ID. The USFID is randomly generated within the University's student information system (OASIS), is not derived from any personally identifiable student data, and appears in the format 'U########'. The letter 'U' followed by an eight-digit number is issued only once and remains the student's official primary identifier with USF. It will be permanently and uniquely recognized by OASIS throughout the student's academic career in USF undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.


(Example: jdoe) The NetID is your user ID at the University. Students, faculty, and staff are automatically eligible to obtain a NetID. With its associated password, the NetID allows you access to a variety of online services offered by the university including your email, OASIS account, and Canvas. It looks similar to a username (e.g. ‘jdoe’) and will be the beginning part of your USF email (e.g. ‘’).


The USFCard is primarily used for identification, for verification of USF status, and for using University services, such as the Library, the purchase of parking decals, obtaining passes for University sporting and theatrical events, and other related events/services. USFCards may be obtained at the USFCard Center.

The USFCard is the official identification card of the University of South Florida. The USFCard is a multi-functional card with digitized photo and electronic identification and validation for departments needing to verify student and/or employee status. The USFCard was designed as a platform for a multitude of services and functions.

Add Bull Bucks to your USFCard and use it for purchases at: USF Dining Locations, Print & Copy Locations, Marshall Center Information Desk, USF Bookstore and Starbucks, USF Computer Store, Parking & Transportation Services (main office), Bulls Country Pharmacy, ect.

MyUSF - University Web Portal

MyUSF is the single sign-on, unified intranet that all USF faculty, staff, and students use to access email, calendars, business systems and other functions requiring login credentials. Through MyUSF you can access Blackboard for class materials, assignments, grades, discussions, and online meetings. You can also access Google Mail, other Google Apps @ USF, Oasis (student registration), and other USF resources such as the USF Library.

What you see on the MyUSF Home page after you log in will vary. In addition to general USF announcements, there will be content displayed that is specific to your account.

Official USF Email Account

All registered students will automatically be assigned an official USF email account ( which is used exclusively by faculty and grade software for all course correspondence. It is also used for and official USF announcements, so check it regularly.
You can set this email to forward to your personal email account.

USF has contracted with Microsoft to provide Microsoft Apps services for students. An active NetID account is required to sign into services which can include interaction with Outlook Email, Outlook Calendar, Teams, Bookings, and Forms. 


Canvas is the software system used for online class websites. Through Canvas you can access class materials, assignments, grades, discussions, and online meetings. You can login to MyUSF to access Canvas for your course materials, check your USF email, and check your grades.

The information displayed in Canvas will vary based on your account settings. Click on a specific course in the course list to access materials related to that individual class. You can also download the Canvas app for your mobile device.