What Is My USFID?

A primary emphasis of the University's Student Records Policy is to protect the privacy of personal information, particularly the privacy of each students' Social Security number (SSN). Accordingly, the University no longer uses or permits the use of Social Security numbers as primary numerical identifiers in the USF student information system; rather, to protect the identity of students against unauthorized use, inspection, or tampering, prospective and current students are assigned a USF identifier USFID.

USFID is assigned to prospective and current students to be used for academic, business and administrative transactions requiring an ID. The USFID is randomly generated within the University's student information system (OASIS), is not derived from any personally identifiable student data, and appears in the format 'U--------'. The letter 'U' followed by an eight-digit number is issued only once and remains the student's official primary identifier with USF. It will be permanently and uniquely recognized by OASIS throughout the student's academic career in USF undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. USFID's are considered the property of the University of South Florida, and their use and governance shall be at the discretion of the University, within the constraints of the law.

Like a Social Security number, the institutionally assigned USFID is considered personally identifiable information under FERPA; therefore, the University is prohibited from releasing, transferring or otherwise communicating it in the student education record to any party not having a legitimate educational interest in the numbers.

As a result, academic and other forms of personal information will not be publicly posted or displayed where either SSN or the USFID identifies the individual associated with the information. All University forms and documents will indicate when Social Security numbers are legally required only, otherwise, all forms and documents will request the USFID. Paper and electronic files containing student identifiers will be disposed in a secure fashion, and only transmitted through encrypted means.

To obtain your USFID, click any where there is a green USFID.