Academic Research & Third Party Data Requests

Standard Instructions for Requesting Student Data from the University of South Florida

The University Registrar may release directory information to third party requestors for currently enrolled students and applicants for graduation/awarded graduates. Requests for alumni directory information should be directed to the USF Alumni Association. The Office of Decision Support provides headcount data through their USF INFOCENTER. Open Public Records requests that are not directly related to student records may be referred to the Office of General Counsel or to University Communications and Marketing.

Data Requests must be made by completing a Data Request form (note that you will be redirected to another site). Select "Student Directory Information" as the data type.

Please note:
Directory Information and Requesting Student Records Privacy
Data on currently enrolled students is only released after students have an opportunity to 'opt out'; therefore, in the Fall semester we do not release files until the 5th (fifth) week of the term. In Spring and Summer semesters, it is the 3rd (third) week of those terms.

Your population selection criteria and the resultant output file may only be based on the following student information:

1. First Name and Last Name
2. Major Field of Study
3. Dates of Attendance
4. Classification
5. Degrees and Awards anticipated and/or received
6. Full and Part-Time Enrollment Status

Data Release Disclosure Statement

All third parties requesting data files agree to abide by the following responsibility statement: This information is being provided to you for the one-time requested purpose only. Fulfillment of your request does not constitute endorsement of your organization, product or service. Any false claim (expressed or implied) concerning the University of South Florida is expressly forbidden. Misrepresentation of the University with your organization, product or service (e.g. improper use of the University of South Florida name, seal or logo) will result in the denial of future requests for student information and possible legal action. Please be advised that the University of South Florida Office of the Registrar declines to release or sell to the public any student information, student lists, mailing labels or other education record that is not deemed 'Directory Information'. Charges associated with the attached file are to defray production costs involved in its creation. If an explanation of why the list is not a public record is required, refer to the following: USF student information is exempt from the requirements of the Florida Public Records law pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Florida Statute sections 228.093 and 240.237. If this information is inappropriately released to any other party, future requests for directory information will not be fulfilled.

Research Requests

Academic researchers, undergraduate or graduate students seeking student records data from the Office of the Registrar for their thesis or dissertation study must submit their request in writing and allow for ample time for their request to be processed. Students that seek enrollment or graduation statistics should direct their request to the Office of Decision Support. The Office of the Registrar will agree to develop the requested file once the following requirements are met:

Receipt of an approval letter from the Institutional Review Board (IRB)A letter or e-mail of support for the study from the faculty advisor, course instructor or committee chair.

Only directory information or non-personally identifiable information may be released directly to the requestor. If an e-mail blast is requested to be sent out to a targeted student population, the request must be aligned with the Email to Students Policy. Questions pertaining to IRB approval may be directed to the IRB Research & Compliance Administrator at (813) 974-7454 or (813) 974-5638.

Honors Societies

Honors societies are considered by the Office of the Registrar to be third-party organizations because they seek to recruit students to join their chapter and they ultimately solicit initiation/membership fees. Additionally, the inclusion of grade point average (non-directory information, even if not displayed in the output) is not to be released outside of the USF community unless the student provides direct consent for release. An active directory of Honors Societies officially recognized by the University can be obtained through the Organization Search webpage and selecting Honor under Category. 

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