Preferred Name/Chosen Name

Everyone has a name they preferred to be called, sometimes it’s their legal name, but often times it’s not. With Policy 11-009, USF is working to ensure that we honor students’ chosen, or preferred names, where we are able. If you chose a preferred name, via a Name Change Request, here’s a listing of where it will currently display:

Preferred Name Displayed Legal Name Displayed
Canvas, including Class Rosters USF official & unofficial transcripts
Archivum USF email name
Diploma (upon request; cannot be notarized) USF ID card
Announced at Commencement (upon request) Online Campus Directory
Mailed correspondence from USF Mailed correspondence from USF (as required)
  Student OASIS
  Library Services
  Enrollment and degree certifications, including National Student Clearinghouse reporting
  Any records related to Financial Aid, including National Student Loan Database System reporting
  Any records related to Student Financial Systems or employment as a student, including tax forms 1098-T and W-2
  Documentation to professional schools and colleges, including students who are pursuing Health and Legal occupations.
  Florida Shines
  Bulls Marketplace
  Parking and Transportation Services

Name Change Requests should be sent to for quickest processing.  If you are requesting a legal name change, be sure to include documentation with your request.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for quick answers and helpful information.