FRS Investment Plan


The FRS Investment Plan is available to Administration, Faculty and Staff employees.  

Note:  employees appointed to a Faculty position in the College of Medicine are required to enroll in the State University System Optional Retirement Program (SUSORP). 

Description of the Plan

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The FRS Investment Plan is a defined contribution plan sponsored by the State of Florida. Employees are vested into the plan upon completion of one year of creditable service. The amount of your benefit at retirement is determined by the performance of your investment choices.

The plan is funded by employer contributions that are based on your salary and FRS membership class (Regular Class, Special Risk Class, etc.) as well as mandatory employee contributions of 3% of your gross salary. Contributions are directed into an individual account, and you will be able to select how to allocate the contributions among various investment funds. This plan does not accept Voluntary employee contributions.

Vesting Schedule - Based on Hire Date
Plan Hired before 07/01/2011 Hired on or after 07/01/2011
FRS Investment 1 year 1 year


Retirement Age
Employee Class Hired before 07/01/2011 Hired on or after 07/01/2011
Regular Age 62 or 30 years of service Age 65 or 33 years of service
Special Risk Age 55 or 25 years of service Age 60 or 30 years of service

A health insurance subsidy is available under this plan at the time of retirement.

The FRS Investment Plan Administrator is Alight Solutions. For additional information or professional financial guidance regarding this plan, contact Ernst & Young Financial Planners at (866) 446-9377 or visit the Florida Retirement System website

How to Enroll

  • Employee will receive an information packet at their home address approximately three months after date of hire.
  • Enrollment in this plan will be automatic if an active election is not made by the end of the 8th month from the date of hire. *Special Risk Class employees will be automatically enrolled in the FRS Pension Plan if an active election is not made by end of the 8th month from the date of hire.
  • Staff: Complete a General Plan Retirement Choice form (ELE-1) or (ELE-1-EZ). Select the FRS Investment Plan option and mail as directed on the form. 
  • Administration and Faculty: Complete the SUSORP Eligible Employee Retirement Enrollment Form (ORP-ENROLL). Select FRS Member option and complete the ELE-1 or ELE-1-EZ form and send both completed forms to USF Human Resources.

How to Retire

  1. Contact the Investment Plan Administrator at (866) 446-9377 concerning your investment account.
  2. Contact your Benefits Representative in your Service Center concerning continuing benefits at retirement. 

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