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EVENT REVIEWS : What are they and do I need one?

What is an Event Review?

An Event Review is a meeting with your MSC Event Planner to finalize the details for your upcoming event such as timing, floor plan, furnishings, and AV needs.

How do I know if I need an Event Review?

If your event requires an Event Review, it will be stated in the Reservation Confirmation you receive once your reservation request has been processed.  Typically, you will need an Event Review if your event is taking place in a social room (2708, 2709, 3707, the Ballroom, the Oval Theater, or any MSC Outdoor Space), if your event will have a custom set up or requires MSC Staff (Sound Tech or Event Staff).  An Event Review may be required for your reservation at the discretion of your MSC Event Planner. 

When should my Event Review take place?

Your Event Review will need to take place no later than 14 days before your event.  Please note some services, equipment, and furnishings may not be available if the Event Review does not take place two weeks prior to the event.  If you have not had your Event Review by this deadline, your event may be cancelled.  Please schedule this meeting by calling our Event and Meeting Services Office at 813-974-5213 or by emailing your MSC Event Planner directly.

Who should attend the Event Review?

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Ideally, the person in your Organization that is in charge of the event or has the most details about the event should be meeting with your MSC Event Planner.  One (or more) people from your Organization may attend the Event Review.  At least one person attending the meeting must be an MSC Accountable Officer.  If none of the MSC Accountable Officers for your Organization are available to attend the meeting, please have the president of your Organization email your MSC Event Planner to give approval for a different member of your Organization to attend the meeting.

UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS: The person from your Department who is responsible for planning and executing the event should meet with your MSC Event Planner.  Ideally this is the same person who will be the Day of Contact for the Event.  If there will be more than one Day of Contact, please have both contacts attend the meeting. 

What information should I have prepared for my Event Review?

Here is a basic list of questions we will discuss during your Event Review.  Please be sure to have this information before you arrive to your scheduled Event Review meeting.

  • Please provide a brief description of the event.
  • What time does your actual event start and end?
  • Will you need any set up and/or clean up time?  Is this included in your reservation time?
  • Is this event free to attend?  Will any cash be handled?
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • Who will be attending your event? (i.e. USF Students, non-USF Students, Community Members, etc.)
  • What setup (tables/chairs/etc.) will you need for this event?
  • Will food be served at this event?
  • Will you need any AV equipment?


  • Will you be serving food at your meeting or event?  Be sure to turn in your Food Release Form to your MSC Event Planner at least 3 days before your Event.

  • Having an event outdoors at the MSC? Please review our Outdoor Locations and Rain Sites document to get more information on reserving a Rain Site.

  • Events in the Oval Theater or Ballroom may require a Day of Show for your AV Technician to use.  Please use our Sample Day of Show and Fillable Day of Show Template as a guide when creating your own! 

  • Planning the budget for your event? Please see a list of our MSC Room Rates, Furnishings, Personnel, & AV Pricing. 

  • Having an Event in the Oval Theater? Be sure to review our Green Room Policies.  Remember that you are responsible for guests that attend your event.

  • Please review your Event Confirmation to make sure all of the details are correct.  If you are not sure how to read your confirmation, review our guide here!