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Student Organization events are defined as an event planned by the organization for their organization or the USF Community. The Student Organization is responsible for planning, executing, and paying for the event. In order to make reservations at the MSC, your organization must be registered through the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE). If you have questions about registering a Student Organization, please contact CLCE.

the MSC Reservation Book is now Open for Student organizations for the SUmmer Semester!

Steps to take when making reservations at the MSC:

STEP ONE:  Join our Marshall Student Center Group on BullsConnect.  

STEP TWO: Complete your MSC Accountable Officer Form on BullsConnect.  Please note that the President of your Organization listed on BullsConnect must match the President listed on the MSC Accountable Officer Form you submit.  This means you may need to update your BullsConnect page before submitting your MSC Accountable Officer Form.  For assistance with updating your BullsConnect page, please contact

STEP THREE:  Once your updated MSC Accountable Officer Form has been approved, please visit the website at to create your Web User ID and ensure you have access to the Reservation System.  Please be sure to list the name of your student organization in the notes section of your request.  If this is not listed your request will NOT be approved.

STEP FOUR:  Keep in mind that we must process all forms and web user requests manually, and responses are not instantaneous. Responses may be slower than usual due to the high volume of requests we receive at this time. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email


Part One – Get Started:  Steps to Take Before Making Reservations at the MSC

Description:   Join the Event & Meeting Services team for a virtual training session on the steps to take before making reservations at the MSC. We will go over submitting an Accountable Officer Form, requesting a Web User ID and more. You will also be able to ask us questions in our live chat. 


  • TBD

Part Two – Making a Reservation in EMS:  Student Organization Guide to Making Reservations in the MSC 

Description:  Join the Event & Meeting Services team for a virtual training session on making reservations in the MSC.  We will walk you through how to use our virtual EMS reservation system and go over some tips and tricks on making reservations!   You will also be able to ask us questions in our live chat. 

  • TBD

MSC Reservations Q&A

Description:   Having reservations about making reservations?  Or just have questions about planning events in the MSC?  Join the Event & Meeting Services team for a drop-in Q & A session! 


  • TBD
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Prior to making reservations at the MSC, you must be an MSC Accountable Officer for your Organization and have a Web User ID.

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CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR RESERVATION REQUESTS! If you are looking to reserve a space that is not a part of the MSC, you will need to contact Facilities Management.

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