Plan & Market Events

university departments

University Department events are defined as an event planned by the department for their department or the USF Community.  The department is responsible for planning, executing, and paying for the event.  Whether your department is planning a meeting or large conference the MSC is here to help make sure your event is a great success!


The MSC will begin accepting university department reservations for the Fall Semester on June 15th at 10am.  Be sure to email your event planner with any questions!


making reservations

Contact your MSC Event Planner to make your reservation request, or submit your reservation request online! If you are looking to reserve a space that is not part of the MSC, you will need to contact Facilities Management.

planning your event

The MSC is here to help your department plan a successful event!  If you have any questions about your upcoming event please reach out to your Event Planner.




Planning on serving food at your event?  Learn what is needed to do this below.

day of your event

Our MSC Team is here to help make sure your event is a success!