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Whether you are looking to host a banquet, conference, wedding, seminar, or tradeshow, the Marshall Student Center (MSC) offers the facilities and amenities you need to achieve your goals. We can accommodate special events with 10 guests in an executive conference room to as many as 900 people in the 10, 000 sq. foot Royal Palms Ballroom.

Compare all room capacities to determine which rooms will fit your needs.  Then click on the images below to learn about specific room capacities, features and set-ups. 

For a map of our Reservable Outdoor Spaces, click here.  For information on Rain Site options and considerations for your Outdoor Event, click here

For additional questions, please call the Events & Meeting Services office to speak with your event representative at (813) 974-5213.

Ballroom AB

Royal Palm Ballrooms A B

Ballroom ABC

Royal Palm Ballrooms A B C

Ballrooms BC

Royal Palm Ballrooms B C 


2500 Oval Theater

Oval Theater

2702 Legacy

MSC 2702 Legacy

2703 Honors

MSC 2703 Honors 


2705 International

MSC 2705 International 

2706 Ybor

MSC 2706 Ybor

2707 Spirit

MSC 2707 Spirit


2708 Plaza

MSC 2708 Plaza

2709 Hillsborough

MSC 2709 Hillsborough 

3700 Sabal

MSC 3700 Sabal 


3701 Palm

MSC 3701 Palm

3702 Orchid

MSC 3702 Orchid

3704 Tarpon

MSC 3704 Tarpon

3705 Manatee

MSC 3705 Manatee

3707 Oak

MSC 3707 Oak

3708 Sandhill Crane

MSC 3708 Sandhill Crane

3709 Heron

MSC 3709 Heron

3711 Egret

MSC 3711 Egret

3712 Columbia

MSC 3712 Columbia

3713 Challenger

MSC 3713 Challenger

4200 Chamber

MSC 4200 Student Government Chamber

the collaboratory

available for student org reservation only

MSC 3308
The Collaboratory