Flu Shots

Take the flu by the horns! Do your part and protect the herd! 

Flu shots are available by appointment Monday thru Friday.
Call 813-974-2331 to schedule an appointment. All Bulls are encouraged to get the flu shot so they're prepared for cold and flu season.

STUDENTS: You will not have to pay out of pocket for your flu shot. The flu shot is included with tuition.

STAFF & FACULTY: The flu shot is covered 100% by most insurance policies. Without insurance, the self-pay cost is $25.  

Flu Shot Myths

  1. Flu shots will give you the flu. 
    • FALSE... the vaccine contains the dead flu virus... it is dead.... It cannot infect you.
  2. Vaccines are dangerous. 
    • FALSE... Vaccines are, arguably, the greatest medical advance in history. They've prevented more illness and death than any treatment.
  3. It's after November; it's too late to get a flu shot. 
    • FALSE... There are plenty of vaccines left, and the flu stays around through March, so you still have plenty of time to protect yourself.
  4. I got the vaccine last year, so I am protected. 
    • FALSE... Each year there are new strains of the flu virus and the vaccine needs to change to keep up.

By arming yourself with a flu shot you are protecting yourself and those around you. Watch Rocky get his flu shot in this short video.