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Make a Referral

how to refer a client to victim advocacy

Victim advocacy services are completely voluntary, meaning no survivor is required to work with our department.

If a student or staff member identifies that they are wanting advocacy services, you can email us the following referral:

To: va@usf.edu 

Subject: Victim Advocacy Referral

CC: [survivor's email] *if a survivor does not identify a safe email method for them, do not CC them to the email



I am emailing to refer a [student/staff member] for Victim Advocacy services. They have identified they they want services and they were aware prior to this referral that I would be reaching out on their behalf. Their name is [____________] and their pronouns are [____________]. They have confirmed the following methods of communication are safe:

Email: [survivor's email]

Phone: [survivor's phone number]

Is it safe to leave a voicemail: [yes/no]


[your name]