Academic Advocacy

The Center for Victim Advocacy aims to reduce the barriers that students may encounter following a victimization. If a student is in need of reasonable academic accommodations an advocate may be able to provide arrangements with professors regarding missed classes, late assignments, or other course requirements. In making arrangements with professors, an advocate never discloses any information regarding the crime and specifically requests that the professor respect the student's privacy.

If a student needs to withdraw from courses due to a victimization, an advocate may be able to assist with that process. ARC petitions can be submitted with support from the Center For Victim Advocacy if appropriate, and can protect the students privacy throughout the process.

For more information about the process of filing an ARC petition, please read the petition process guide.

If you are in need of academic advocacy or withdrawing from courses due to a victimization, please contact the Center for Victim Advocacy at 813-974-5756 or e-mail to schedule an appointment with an advocate.