Court Advocacy


An advocate is available to accompany you to any criminal or civil case court hearings due to victimization, including Injunctions For Protection. An advocate is not able to provide legal advice, but can offer emotional support before, during, and after the hearing. 


Injunctions for Protection are referred to as "restraining orders" or "orders for protection" in some states. You do not have to report the crime in order to request an Injunction for Protection. The intention of an Injunction for Protection is to restrict the access of the offender to the victim, allowing the victim to avoid contact with the offender. Some offenders will abide by the terms of the injunction; however, others will not. For this reason, Injunctions for Protection, when granted, are not guarantees of safety. To increase the chances of a successful petition, we recommend meeting with an advocate to assist you with the documentation and filing. Attending the petition hearing and having to testify can be confusing and frightening, but you do not have to handle this alone. Your advocate can guide you through the process and accompany you to court hearings for the injunction.

You can find more information about injunctions for protection in Hillsborough County, visit the Clerk of Court website.


If you are in need of a referral to legal services due to a criminal or civil legal matters related to victimization, an advocate can provide you with a referral to local agencies and assist in attaining representation. The Center for Victim Advocacy is not able to provide any legal advise or counsel.