Violence Prevention

Bystander Intervention

When you see something that gives you an ‘uh-oh’ feeling and just isn’t right, you have the power to step in and be an active bystander to prevent violence from happening to someone else. By either being direct, distracting, or delegating in a situation you can help a potential victim to safety and make a difference.

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Goal: To equip USF students with the tools and confidence to safely intervene to decrease instances of interpersonal violence on USF's campus.


By the end of the 1.5 hour Bystander Intervention training program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the 3 D's (Direct, Distract, Delegate) to safely intervene in a potentially violent situation.
  • Identify the meaning of interpersonal violence, sexual harassment, sexual battery, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, and consent.
  • Discuss possible implications of the bystander effect.
  • Describe personal barriers to intervening.
  • Recall USF policies pertaining to alcohol and consent.
  • Recognize the collective effort needed to reduce violence in USF's community.

Summer 2019 Open Trainings will be updated soon...stay tuned!