Reporting Assistance

An Advocate is able to explore all reporting options, both within the University System as well as law enforcement. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you have a number of options if you wish to report what has happened to you. If you choose to report, an advocate will be able to assist you by providing accompaniment, assistance with a written statement, as well as ensuring that your rights are upheld through the process. You also have the option not to report, and our services are not dependent on reporting. If an incident was reported against your wishes, an advocate can explain your rights and assist you under these circumstances and ensure that your wishes are considered. 

Reporting options include: 

  • Report to local law enforcement agency 
  • File a Title IX complaint with any of the University's Title IX Coordinators 
  • Report student misconduct through the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development (see resources page)
  • Report employee misconduct through the Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Choose not to report

If you are hesitant to report sexual assault because of underage drinking or illegal substance use, please be aware of USF's Medical Amnesty (Student Reporting) Policy 30-004, which encourages the reporting of sexual assault in such circumstances and protects the victim from misconduct sanctions.

Want more information? Access our Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault & Harassment; Domestic, Relationship & Dating Violence; Stalking here