Violence Prevention


You’re the most important part of making USF a safer place. That’s why we offer programs that address healthy relationships, bystander intervention, sexual consent, and recognizing relationship red flags. We also require mandatory training for incoming students on all of these topics. We aim to prevent violence on our campus by providing you with ongoing tools and knowledge to become active bystanders to keep our community safe.

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Violence Prevention workshops and events are open to all students.

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Bulls Educate Listen Intervene to End Violence for Everyone

BELIEVE Program Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: Bulls BELIEVE in ending violence for everyone.

Mission: The BELIEVE Program strives to prevent all forms of interpersonal violence through implementing campus-wide interventions and engaging students by normalizing a community free of violence.


1. Apply best practices and evidence-based violence prevention strategies to the USF community.

2. Identify and disseminate effective and relevant violence prevention messages to both targeted groups and the entire USF  community.

3. Employ USF students to normalize a community free of violence by promoting consensual and healthy relationships,          intervening when necessary, and resources to aid students who may be experiencing interpersonal violence. 

4. Recognize and cultivate the ideal that preventing violence is everyone's responsibility and that every member of the USF    community understands their role in this movement.

CVA staff at "Hungry for Consent" Fall 2018