Official USF Policies

UCM administers, monitors and enforces several USF policies. Below you will find a listing of those policies and a brief description of each. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Digital Communications

This policy outlines standards required for creating and distributing all official digital communications regarding brand identity, messaging, promotion, advertising, public relations, and other marketing related content on behalf of USF. This includes, but is not limited to: websites, domain names, social media sites, and native mobile applications.

University Use of Names and Symbols

The USF president or designee may grant revocable licenses to third party entities for the limited use of the USF name, trademarks, trade names, designs, logos, seals and symbols for approved commercial, promotional and product purposes. This policy outlines the prohibited uses and the approval process for use.


All university print and electronic communications, including but not limited to advertisements, brochures, fliers, websites, mobile applications, social media sites, etc., should bear the USF logo. Proper use of the logo is required. This policy also includes the requisition and bidding processes.

Public Relations Activities

UCM has primary responsibility for the coordination of USF public relations activities. This policy covers all public relations issues including media relations, press conferences, spokesperson responsibilities, editorial board meeting representation, distribution of press releases, crisis communications, university news events and radio/TV appearances.

Standards for Letterhead

To ensure a unified identity, coherence and optimum image enhancement, USF has implemented an official letterhead and envelope design policy. UCM administers and monitors the production and usage of letterheads and envelopes.

WUSF Public Broadcasting

Public broadcasting is rooted in the constitutional guarantees of a free press and free speech. This policy is a confirmation of the journalistic and programming independence of WUSF Public Broadcasting.