USF Writes provides a number of benefits for students, instructors, program administration, and program assessment.

Student Benefits:

  • Reduces confusion for students by providing focused feedback that constructively targets assignment learning outcomes
  • Encourages vital meta-cognitive work in the self review stage of drafting
  • Allows students to productively engage with not only their own writing, but also the writing of their peers
  • Creates community by encouraging collaboration among students around writing

Faculty Benefits:

  • Enables precise matching of feedback to specific learning outcomes
  • Visualizes insights into student learning that can be rapidly addressed
  • Provides insights into the impacts of instructors’ individual pedagogical practices, which is particularly important for new instructors and instructors new to the subject matter
  • Allows more engagement with student work, while saving time in the feedback process

Administrative Benefits:

  • Illuminates potential gaps in instructional approach
  • Reports insights into student learning on a just-in-time basis
  • Yields insights into whether assignments are successfully achieving learning outcomes
  • Reveals areas where instructional weaknesses may need to be addressed

Assessment Benefits:

  • Measures specific cognitive, planning, and collaborative domains of writing through specific task-based outcomes
  • Aligns feedback directly with learning outcomes
  • Makes formative and summative assessment clearer for students and faculty
  • Provides an administrative view across sections
  • Enables completion of institutional assessment and programmatic assessment through rigorous research and analysis

USF Writes also provide benefits related to research. Learn more about data collection and the research being conducted.