USF Writes is a digital, instructional tool that enhances writing pedagogy in First-Year Composition (FYC) and Professional and Technical Communication (PTC) by providing a robust, formative feedback platform that works in tandem with other tools and technologies.

The technological development of USF Writes was guided by the questions:

  • How can we use technologies to enhance student learning?
  • How can we use technologies to improve our teaching practices in our writing classrooms?

By focusing on pedagogy, we have developed a tool that works in tandem with existing writing pedagogies and works toward providing insights into better ways to teach writing to improve student learning.

USF Writes’ pedagogical orientation can be summarized by:

  • Guiding ethic of fairness to the students
  • Integrating technology to enhance existing pedagogical approaches
  • Making transparent expectations for students
  • Providing a platform to encourage a writing community

The student and instructor benefits emphasize an ongoing approach to using information from the tool and feedback from students and instructors to iteratively consider our teaching practices. This ongoing reflection is guided by and through data and consistent conversations between stakeholders.

You can learn more about our pedagogical orientation in our extended explanation.