Career Resources

Student-Led Project Opportunities

We are a professional school, and in keeping with our educational mission, our graduate programs go beyond theory to emphasize the form of experiential learning.

A growing number of our MPA and MURP courses require students to complete an individual or group project, ideally dealing with a real-world public management and/or planning challenge for a real-world client. For example, our students have worked with Hillsborough County, the School District of Hillsborough County, the local James A. Haley VA Hospital, the Florida Department of Transportation, the cities of Zephyrhills, Dunedin, and Largo, and a number of non-profit organizations on projects that have made a real difference for the those organizations and jurisdictions, as well as the employees and citizens that they serve.

These projects are typically a semester-long in duration (that is, approximately 15 weeks), they work best if they are available to students at or near the start of the semester. If you think you and/or your organization may have one or more project opportunities for the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 semester, please complete the on-line form. If you and/or your organization has more than one project, please complete a new form for each project.