Payroll and Tax Services

Payroll Distribution


Pay distribution is the process used to calculate and post payroll changes to the appropriate funding source (combination code). A combination code (or combo code) identifies a specific set of chart field values in FAST.

    GEMS Appointment and Pay Process

    In GEMS the appointment and pay process is not reliant on the employee's funding source. The calculation and posting of payroll charges comes at the end of the payroll during the Actuals Distribution process. At the time of processing the Actuals Distribution, an employee has already been certified for payment and issued a check based on the appointment data inputted by Human Resources and payment certified by the department.

      Pay Distribution Data

      Pay distribution data is recorded into GEMS at three different levels: dept., position and appointment. The GEMS pay distribution process distributes payroll expenditures for each employee using the lowest level distribution record that exists. When distributing pay for an employee, GEMS will look first for an appointment level. If a record does not exist at the appointment level, it will look for a position level distribution record.

      Auditing Pay, RSA Check and RETS