Payroll and Tax Services

Overview/Payroll Contacts

As a part of the University Controller's Office, USF System Payroll is committed to ensuring all employees are paid accurately, timely and in accordance with all University, State and Federal policies, procedures and regulations. Additionally, the Payroll department is responsible for the reporting and compliance for employee benefits, tax and payroll deductions as well as ensuring the payroll transactions are properly recorded in the University's accounting system.

Our location is Tampa Campus, Student Services Building, SVC0077.

Send mail to ALN147.

Contact the Payroll Help Desk at (813) 974-7955.

Our business hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


UCO Payroll and Tax Contact Directory


Robin Davis, CPP: Associate Controller, Payroll and Tax – (813) 974-8062

Nicole Williams: User Applications Specialist – (813) 974-4353

Linda Karppe: Payroll Tax Administrator/International Employee Tax Administrator – (813) 974-6028


Payroll Processing

Jeff Schueler: Assistant Director, Payroll Operations – (813) 974-6027

Barbara Holleman: Payroll Manager, Benefits and Deductions – (813) 974-8401


Payroll Representative Table

Payroll Specialist Assigned Department E-mail
Lucinda English 0-4001-000 to 0-7910-000 UCO_Payroll_Certs
Laura Greco

0-2500-000 to 0-3910-000

3-1201-000 to 4-5245-000


Julie Jia 0-1201-000 to 0-2420-000


Sandy Mullis 0-0101-000 to 0-1028-000 UCO_Payroll_Certs


Payroll Deductions

Contact Benefits first if you have a question regarding benefits deductions.


Payroll Accounting

Lorinda Stroup: Payroll Accounting Manager – (813) 974-4912

Annette Conaty: Payroll Specialist – (813) 974-8402

Mickey Perdomo: Payroll Specialist – (813) 974-7954