BSW Program


Each Student must complete ONE course in EACH of the following cognate areas and earn a minimum grade of "C".

Human Biology 
Course  Title Credits
BSC 1005 Principles of Biology for Non-majors 3
BSC 1020 Human Biology


BSC 2085 Anatomy and Physiology


Political Science
Course Title Credits
POS 2041 American National Government
Course Title Credits
PSY 2012 Psychological Science I 3
Course Title Credits
SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology 3
SYG 2010 Contemporary Social Problems 3
Course Title Credits
ECO 1000 Basic Economics 3
ECO 2013 Economics Principles Macroeconomics 3
ECO 2023 Economics Principles Microeconomics 3

II. Students must earn a 'B' grade or better in the social work foundation course; SOW 3203. A grade of 'B-' is not acceptable.

Foundation Social Work Courses
Course Title Credits
SOW 3203 Introduction to Social Work 3

III. BSW Core Classes

Full Major - First Semester
Course Title Credits
SOW 3101 Human Behavior & Social Environment 3
SOW 4522 Multi-Cultural America in a Global Society 3
SOW 4341 Social Work Micro Practice 3
SOW 3401 Research & Statistics for Social Work 3
SOW 3210 The American Social Welfare System 3
Full Major - Second Semester
Course Title Credits
SOW 3102 Human Behavior & the Social Environment II 3
SOW 4233 Social Welfare Policy & Practice 3
SOW 4343 Social Work Macro Practice 3
SOW 4315 Case Management 3
SOW 4414 Social Work Data Management 2
Full Major - Final Semester
Course Title Credits
SOW 4510 Integrative Seminar/Field Placement 9
SOW 4602 Social Work Practice in Mental Health & Health Care

*In order to proceed from First semester to Second semester and from Second semester to Final Semester, a student must maintain a G.P.A. of at least 2.75 in Social Work major courses. A student may not proceed to field placement with a grade of "C-" in any SOW core courses even if his/her GPA is 2.75. No exceptions will be made.

*Students should contact the BSW advisor for course selection.