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Global Pathways

A Global Pathway is an undergraduate major or degree program that has significant global content. Global Pathways provide students with the opportunity to practice and apply global competencies through the major or degree program. Individualized attention and support for program development toward Global Pathway designation is offered by GCP Professional Development Specialists. Students in Global Pathway degree programs not only benefit academically from the globalized program of study but are also well positioned to earn the Global Citizen Award and become eligible to apply for a $2,500 study abroad scholarship. 

Departments seeking to certify their major(s) or degree program(s) as a Global Pathway should contact usfgcp@usf.edu.

Certified Global Pathway Programs  |  Global Pathway Programs in Development



The following are the primary components for developing a Global Pathway. 



Certified Global Pathways receive designation in USF's undergraduate catalog.

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 College of The Arts (COTA)

Music Education - B.S. Music Education (approved 11/2017)

Theatre & Dance - B.A. Theatre (approved 11/2017)

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  College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Anthropology - B.A. Anthropology (approved 4/2018)

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences - B.A. Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (approved 11/2016)

  • Global Pathway Lead and Course Proposer - Sara Green

Religious Studies - B.A. Religious Studies (approved 11/2017)

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 Muma College of Business (COB)

Muma College of Business - All Degree Programs (approved 4/2019)

B.S. Accounting

B.A./B.S. Advertising

B.S. Business Analystics & Inforamtion Systems

B.S. Finance

B.S. General Business Studies

B.A. Global Business

B.S. Management

B.S. Personal Finance

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 College of Education (COEDU) 

Educational and Psychological Studies - Global Studies in Education minor (approved 4/2018)

Teaching and Learning - BA./B.S. Exceptional Student Education (approved 4/2018)

Teaching and Learning - B.S. English Education (approved 11/2018)

Teaching and Learning - B.A./B.S. Mathematics Education (approved 11/2018)

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  College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (CBCS)

Communication Sciences & Disorders - B.A. Communication Sciences & Disorders (approved 3/2018)

Social Work - B.S.W. Social Work (approved 11/2017)

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  College of Nursing (CON)

Nursing - B.S. Nursing: Upper Division (approved 4/2018)

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College of Public Health (COPH)

Public Health - B.S. Public Health (approved 4/2018)

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Undergraduate Studies (UGS)

Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement - Leadership Studies minor (approved 11/2018)

  • Global Pathway Lead - Mike Severy
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The following departments are currently working with the Global Citizens Project to develop their degree programs as Global Pathways.

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 College of The Arts (COTA)

Theatre & Dance - B.A. Dance

Theatre & Dance - B.F.A. Dance

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  College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Communications - B.A. Communication

  • Global Pathway Lead - Navita James
  • Global Pathway Course Proposer - Ellen Klein

Geosciences - B.S. Environmental Science and Policy

Humanities and Cultural Studies - B.A. Humanities and Cultural Studies

World Languages - B.A. World Languages and Culture

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   College of Public Health (COPH)

Global Health - Community Engaged Homeland Security & Emergency Management minor

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