Concurrent Degree: Public Health (M.P.H.) and Social Work (M.S.W.)


Students may either apply to the School of Social Work or Public Health.

After admission to a program they will submit the Concurrent Degree application, which is located on the Graduate Schools website. The application should be turned into the Program Specialist of their current program for processing.

Students admitted into the MSW program who simultaneously also wish to pursue an MPH must apply for and be admitted into the MPH program separately and fulfill the requirements of the MPH program. The School of Social Work may allow up to 9 credits from the MPH program to count towards elective credit hours for the MSW program when:

 1. The MPH course is reviewed and approved by the MSW Chair, and

2. The student graduates with an MPH.

 Approval for coursework and credits completed at the College of Public Health will be revoked if the student withdraws from or otherwise does not complete the MPH program at or prior to the completion of the MSW program.

 Because of the rigorous nature of completing both the MSW and MPH programs simultaneously, students are advised that 3 years of full-time course work will be required, and it is recommended that the first year be dedicated towards MPH coursework.

 If you are interested in completing both the MSW and MPH degrees simultaneously at USF, please contact the school for further guidance. Please see website for additional information


Refer to the requirements for each major.


Vickie Lynn, Ph.D., MSW Program

For more details on the Public Health concentrations, contact:

Cheryl Vamos Ph.D., MPH, Maternal & Child Health
Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Dr.P.H., MPH, Behavioral Health