BSW Admissions

Admissions Criteria

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Application Process

Students are admitted to begin the BSW program twice yearly. They may be admitted for Fall or Spring semester. The application deadline for Fall semester is July 1st. The application deadline for the Spring semester is October 15th. There are no summer admissions.

When enrolled in the Foundation course (SOW 3203) the Advisor from the School of Social Work will speak with the class about the eligibility requirements, the admissions procedure and the BSW program. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you might have. The application will be emailed after her class presentation. You may submit it via e-mail as an attachment or it can be printed and turned in.

Application Review Process

The School of Social Work admits all qualified and eligible applicants. A minimum Overall and USF GPA of 2.75 is necessary to declare social work as a major. Students must be admitted to USF- Tampa Campus, complete the prerequisites and foundation course (SOW 3203) meeting minimum GPA requirements and fill out the application for admission into the program. They must have one semester at USF, meeting the minimum GPA requirement. The application includes a personal statement which must sufficiently respond to the essay question and demonstrate satisfactory writing skills and a recommendation form completed by the SOW 3203 professor. The professor recommendation must indicate a minimum of satisfactory rating.