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USF Engineering Student Success Center (Tutoring)

ESSC is a free tutoring center for all students in the College of Engineering. Available subjects may include pre-calculus, calculus 1-3, physics, chemistry, programming, statics, dynamics, electrical systems, and many other undergraduate engineering subjects.

Note: All tutoring sessions are by appointment-basis only, including same-day appointments if available.

Tutoring is conducted on-campus at ENG 104. Click here to view the map

Due to close proximity, all on-campus tutors have the COVID-19 vaccine will wear masks. Students are asked to also wear masks during tutoring sessions.

2024 tutoring Dates

ESSC Spring 2024 start: 01/16/2024

ESSC Spring 2024 end: 04/19/2024

  • There will be limited availability until 04/26/2024.

1. Instruction Guide, Rules, Policies, Terms & Conditions

Please read the following USF ESSC Instruction Guide, including rules, policies, terms & conditions,before starting.

Note: Instruction Guide may change

2. Tutors Schedule & subjects available

Please check out our Tutors Schedule and Subjects available:

Note: Schedule and subject may change. MS Bookings might have more accurate information.

3. ESSC Microsoft Teams Channel & Announcements

Join our ESSC Microsoft Teams Channel to be updated with our most recent announcements:


Lastly, after you are done reading our USF ESSC Instruction Guide, Tutoring Schedule & Subjects, and Announcements, please make your booking with the link below. Please note that for Spring 2024, the ESSC will be accepting tutoring by appointment only. Drop-in tutoring can not be guaranteed.

Questions & feedback

Any technical questions? Please ask us through the USF ESSC Microsoft Teams under "Ask A Technical Question."

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On-Campus LOCATION & Map

USF Engineering Building I - Kopp Engineering Building
ENG 104
1st Floor


Engineering lead tutor

Saaket Raman


Lead Engineering Tutor (Manager) - University of South Florida College of Engineering Student Services Student Success Center