Academic Resources



As a College of Engineering student you have access to tutoring services for your STEM courses in the Engineering Success Center. Our tutors are upper level students who’ve excelled in their courses. USF students also have access to tutoring, workshops, writing help and more in the USF library.

New Student Programs

New first-year students admitted to the College of Engineering have the opportunity to participate in one or more new student programs. These programs are designed to engage students with the College of Engineering, connect students with their peers for an immediate support network, and provide tools to help first-year students achieve academic success.

Get Involved

Student Involvement is an excellent way for students to (1) meet their peers; (2) build a support network; (3) make professional connections by joining professional student societies and attending seminars hosted by industry leaders and research faculty; (4) gain hands-on experience by participating in workshops and competitions; and (5) give back by helping fellow students.

Get Experience

Experiential learning involves hands-on work or research activities that apply classroom theory to real-world problems. Our students are working with our career partners - corporations, national laboratories, research institutions - to gain valuable insight, career experience, and personal growth, as well as make connections in the dynamic profession of engineering.

Recommended External Resources

Success in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes requires lots of practice, repetition, and self-testing to find out how much you know or don’t before the real exam. This process takes time. It helps to find a friend in each and every class, form study groups, and use these recommended external resources.

Registration Resources

These are a few tools to help guide students through the registration process.