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Learning Teams

What is it?

Learning Teams are course-based learning communities.  The College of Engineering offers learning teams in the fall term for new students who enroll in Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II or Chemistry their first fall semester.   These course-based learning communities are led by a successful engineering student who serves as a peer mentor. 

Reasons to join a learning team


The college will schedule multiple course section of EGN 4930 Learning Teams.  Each Learning Team course offering is associated with a specific course section of math or chemistry.  Students who register for a learning team must also be registered in the associated math or chemistry class.  Course registration details for the learning teams and the associated math or chemistry class are provided at new student orientation. 


The Learning Team course is zero credit hours, so there is no tuition cost for enrollment in a learning team course section.  The cost is the regular tuition charge associated with the required enrollment in the linked math or chemistry class.  There are no additional fees for learning team participants.