Living & Learning Community


What is the ELLC?

The Engineering Living & Learning Community (ELLC) is an on-campus residential learning community designed for students majoring in engineering. The ELLC is intended primarily for first-year students enrolled in their first year of college. However, a limited number of former ELLC residents are allowed to return for a second year. Many serve as mentors.

The program is a collaborative effort between the USF College of Engineering and Housing & Residential Education.

The ELLC is an academic program that emphasizes scholarship, community, involvement, and leadership. Residents of the ELLC are expected to perform academically while enjoying the many opportunities for social engagement made possible by the program.

The ELLC allows engineering students to live and learn together during the fall and spring terms of their first year at USF. Mentors, tutors and advisors provide academic support in the hall. Students in the ELLC also rely on each other for academic and peer-to-peer support. The ELLC is a great opportunity to build friendships and a future in engineering.

Why Live in the ELLC?

  • Live and Learn together with other motivated engineering students
  • Make new friends that share your same major - engineering
  • Enroll in some of the same critical math and science courses
  • Peer-support occurs naturally because of shared courses
  • Participate in special events designed for the community
  • Enjoy events and activities designed to ease transition to college
  • Network with College of Engineering administrators and faculty
  • Peer mentoring in the hall - returning students will help you find your way