Living & Learning Community

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I live?

The ELLC is housed in Poplar Hall. The ELLC floor in Poplar Hall is suite-style and has three co-ed PODs/wings. Please see the Poplar Hall webpage for additional information on room features and amenities.

When will I be notified if I've been accepted into the ELLC?

ELLC applications usually start arriving in spring and will continue until the semester begins in August. The applications are processed throughout the summer until all the spaces are filled. We try to notify students quickly regarding room assignments. 

Due to the number of applications received, it may take time for us to review the documents. You may contact us if you want to know the status of your application at

Once we review your application and make a decision, a system-generated notice is sent to your USF email address. After you have submitted your ELLC application, please monitor your official USF email address inbox for status updates.

what else do I need to do?

You will need to sign up for orientation with the university an the college as soon as possible. To register for the university's orientation, visit For information about College of Engineering orientation, email Mary Goodwin at

What happens if my SAT or ACT math scores do not accurately reflect my math abilities?

If you feel your ACT or SAT math score results were low, then you may want to take the College Placement Test (CPT) for College Level Math. This computer-based test will help you determine your math placement. A score of 60 or higher on the College Level Math CPT will place a student into Pre-calculus. A score of 90 or higher on the same CPT exam will place a student into Calculus I. Another option would be to take the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) for College Algebra (MAC 1105) or Pre-calculus (MAC 1147).

Either of these tests can be taken at USF through Testing Services or at your local Florida community college or state college. If you decide on either of these options, you will need to provide our office with a copy of your test results.

When will I receive my room assignment?

Your ELLC room assignment won't be posted until your application has been processed and all your requirements for HRE are met. This includes things such as the immunization, housing deposit and meal plan deposit. Housing and Residential Education can provide you with all the details.

What if Housing has already assigned me a room elsewhere?

Don't worry if your room assignment has already been posted in another building or floor. If you apply and are accepted into the ELLC, your room assignment will be updated.

What happens if the ELLC FAQ doesn't answer my question?

If your questions are not answered within our ELLC website, please email