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About E-Council

Established in 2015 by Dr. Robert H. Bishop, Dean of Engineering, the USF Engineering Council is the governing body for all engineering clubs that are formed to promote interest in various engineering areas.

Objectives and Goals

  • Represent the student organizations at the Dean’s office level.
  • Build pride and esprit de corps among engineering student organizations.
  • Host exciting events for incoming engineering students.
  • Coordinate with COE Fundraising team to garner additional resources and sponsorships.
  • Review budgets and submits them to USF Student Government.

2019-2020 E-Council Board

Council Chair: Curtis J. Gaskins
Vice Chair: Angel Y. Borrero Laureano
Marketing and Communications: Leila Sorrells
Finance Chair: Param Chokshi
Financial Officer 1: Victor Alonso Hernandez
Financial Officer 2: Eduardo Gines Lugo



2019-2020 Budget Workshop Presentation

2019-2020 Annual Budget Form

2019-2020 ASRC Standards

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