Aerospace Engineering Minor

The Aerospace Engineering minor offers a broad educational experience, ensuring that students not only grasp the theories and concepts of introductory aerospace engineering but also hone the requisite practical skills. Specifically, students will be positioned advantageously for a smooth transition to postgraduation, whether they choose to pursue employment in the aerospace industry or continue their academic journey with advanced studies.

Biomedical Engineering Minor

The Biomedical Engineering Minor is open only to non-Engineering students majoring in STEM fields (including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics) who satisfy the prerequisites listed below and are interested in engineering approaches to biomedical problems.

Computer Science Minor

The Computer Science minor covers key topics in the discipline and is a 15-credit hour program that is expected to be attractive to students in other Engineering departments and to students in Mathematics and the Sciences (including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). The Computer Science minor is open to all students who meet the prerequisites, except for students in the Computer Science and Engineering department.

Information Technology Minor

The Information Technology minor covers key topics in the discipline - a 21-credit hour program that is attractive to students in other engineering depts. and students in mathematics and the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) who have no background in software development. The IT minor is open to all students, except students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology, who meet the prerequisites.