Meet the Staff



Manager, Fiscal and Business Administration

Elizabeth "Sheela" Fernandez

Elizabeth Fernandez, known to everyone as ‘Sheela’ has been with the University of South Florida for almost 11 years. She previously worked as an Office Manager for various departments within the College of Arts & Sciences. In her words, after learning and gaining enough experience she thinks she managed to muster enough courage to join the Office of Graduate Studies as a Manager – Fiscal & Business Administration. She is a two-time recipient of the Outstanding Staff Award and also a USF-CRA/Advanced. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy. She enjoys working with students and student related issues. No issue is an issue for her. She loves the challenge and comes to work skipping. So if you need help, do not hesitate to drop by – ALN 294.



Fiscal & Business Analyst

Javier Rodriguez

Assistant to Elizabeth Fernandez, Javier is responsible for reconciliation of Pcards and various departmental accounts. Also, in charge of Fellowship Tuition Waivers and assures that day to day business operations are processed and completed per university guidelines. Javier has completed two years of accounting towards a B.A. degree.



Finance Assistant

Cynthia Bell