Fellowships and Scholarships

Chih Foundation Research and Publication Award

The Chih Foundation aims to recognize excellence in science and engineering with potential to advance health science. There are recognition prizes available at $2,500 each, which may be awarded to one student, or be distributed to several students based upon the number of high performing candidates nominated. Nominations will come from CAS, Engineering, Marine Sciences, Pharmacy, and Medicine.

The Chih Foundation has a particular interest in stimulating students to pursue research that has the potential to advance health science through publication and “open-source” sharing of information. The intent is to fund an exceptional third- or fourth-year students who have completed significant research and technical publication in their chosen health science field.

Research projects will be evaluated in relation to the following parameters:

  • Publication in a peer review journal, or clear evidence of submission for publication  
  • Uniqueness of the research project
  • Appropriateness of study design
  • Choice and applicability of methods
  • Complexity of the project and research
  • Student contribution to the success of the project
  • Clarity in content and format of the written materials

The competition for the Chih Foundation Research and Publication Award occurs each Fall. It is initiated with an email to students and faculty soliciting submissions. Programs should contact Karissa Valine-Plaza for futher information.