Font Options

Choose one single font, color and size to use throughout the manuscript (front matter, headings, and body), acceptable exceptions for footnotes, tables, table captions, figures and figure captions are noted below.

Font Typeface

Choose a single font (typeface) for use throughout the thesis/dissertation, with the exception of figures. You may have a different font style within figures you create or use with permission to reprint. 

Choose a common True-Type font generally found on most computers (this prevents conversion issues when converted to a PDF for publishing). Recommended choices are:

Arial Book Antiqua Corbel Courier New
Garamond Georgia Gill Sans Goudy Old Style
Palatino Linotype Tahoma Times New Roman Trebuchet MS

Students using LaTeX may use Computer Modern Roman.

Font Size

For the primary font size, you may choose to use 10 pt., 11 pt., or 12 pt., and must use this one chosen size throughout; with the exception of tables, figures, table captions, figure captions, and footnotes, which may (optional) be reduced to 8 pt.

In tables and figures, as well as their captions, you may go as small as 8 pt., as long as it is legible, to ensure everything fits on one page. If it is not legible, you will be asked to adjust the size.

Footnotes should be smaller than the body text, but no smaller than 8 pt.

Font Styles

Manuscripts may contain all common font styles, such as boldface, italics, and underline. The use of the style must be consistent throughout the text. Including color.
We typically reserve special formats for Titles/Headings.