Honors Admissions

Honors Admissions


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fall 2020 — AUTOMATIC ADMISSION criteria

The Judy Genshaft Honors College actively recruits students who have demonstrated academic excellence through high test scores and high school GPA. Students admitted to USF who have at least a 31 ACT or 1400 SAT and a 4.0 recalculated USF GPA will be automatically accepted into the Judy Genshaft Honors College.

USF Recalculated GPA Criteria:

  • Adds one-half point for honors courses
  • Adds one point for AP, IB, AICE, or Dual Enrollment courses
  • Removes any non-academic courses (i.e. P.E., Band, etc.)

The recalculated USF GPA is often lower than your high school’s calculation. For that reason, we strongly encourage all students to apply, regardless of your high school GPA. Judy Genshaft Honors College acceptance emails and letters are sent a few weeks after USF acceptance materials.



What should I do if I am a transfer student or am already in classes at USF and I would like to join the Judy Genshaft Honors College?

For information about our admissions process for continuing and transfer students, please click here.

What does the Judy Genshaft Honors College look for in an applicant?

The Judy Genshaft Honors College offers more than just academic distinction. We offer an extraordinary undergraduate experience that includes unique interdisciplinary classes, meaningful opportunities for community engagement and service, and rewarding extracurricular experiences. We want students who bring a sense of curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity to this academic adventure, who are willing to put in a little extra work, and who will immerse themselves in all that we have to offer.

What is the average score profile for students admitted through application?

Students admitted to the Judy Genshaft Honors College via application for Fall 2019 had the following scores:

  • SAT scores ranged from 1160 to 1570; the average was 1317.
  • ACT scores ranged from 24 to 35; the average was 29.
  • Average weighted high school GPA was 4.2.

What are my chances of getting in?

Application to admission ratios change each year based on the number of applications we receive. We plan to enroll around 650 first-year students on the Tampa campus and an additional 50 first-year students at the USFSP and USFSM campuses for the Fall 2020 year.

If admitted, is there a specific honors housing community I can be part of?

Yes! All Judy Genshaft Honors College students are eligible to live in an Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) (Tampa and St. Petersburg campuses only). If you're interested in joining one of our communities, please visit USF Housing and Residential Education (Tampa, St. Petersburg).