Employment Changes

Employment & Guarantee Dates

Appointment Dates

Appointment Dates are the dates included on each employee's offer letter and/or Appointment Status Form to indicate either a start date or a change.

Faculty and Graduate Assistants: who are hired for academic periods have hire dates that match the semester periods.

Staff and Administration Employees: Staff and Administration Employees: may begin employment on any date.

Temporary employees: may begin employment on any date.

Bi-Weekly Payroll calendar: contains bi-weekly pay period dates, payroll processing dates, and guarantee dates for entire fiscal year.

Guarantee Dates

Guarantee dates are established by Human Resources (HR) to ensure employees will be compensated timely. Departments are asked to submit their appointments to HR by the published guarantee date.

Accelerated guarantee dates are determined based on high volume periods such as the beginning of semesters, or holiday periods containing accelerated payroll deadlines.

HR recognizes departments will have some number of unforeseen last minute hires and appointment changes which we will do our best to accommodate. By departments adhering to the guarantee dates whenever possible this allows us the flexibility to accommodate these truly urgent requests.