Employment Changes

Managers Self Service

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Managers or their delegates can initiate employment actions such as promotions, salary increases, supervisor changes, terminations, etc. allowing standardized workflow to move transactions through multiple users in GEMS without manual Appointment Status Forms (ASFs).

Manager Self Service Helpful Resources

Documents to assist Managers or Delegates with completing employment actions 

Guidance Documents

Online Appointment Status Change Form Helpful Resources

Documents to assist Department HR Partners with completing employment actions

Guidance Documents

Employment Actions - MSS vs. Online ASF

MSS Online ASF
  • Ad Hoc Salary Change
  • Demotion
  • Full/Part Time Change
  • Job Update for Group
  • Promotion
  • Reporting Change
  • Retirement
  • Terminate Employee
  • Transfer
  • Extend Appointments
  • Rehire Appoinments
  • Add or extend temporary stipends

Other employment actions not listed here may be included. Please review the above documents to determine the appropriate process method for the needed action.

Informational and Demo Sessions

Recordings discussing and demostrating the particular role or process listed as it relates to MSS or Online ASF. Please click a picture to be directed to the applicable recording.


Manager Role in MSS


HR Liaison Role in MSS

Unit Approver

Unit Approver Role in MSS

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Demo & Best Practices-Session 1

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Demo & Best Practices-Session 2




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