Employment Changes

Reappointments, Extensions & Terminations

An ASF must be created to extend a Temporary Employee appointment. If the employee is a Graduate Assistant a new offer letter is required per the Graduate School Handbook.

Extensions for temporary appointments must be sent to HR prior to the employee's termination date. Timely extensions prevent unnecessary and inconvenient interruptions in computer accesses and benefit coverages.

Temporary Employee Termination Dates Query

To identify temporary appointment termination dates, there is a public query titled "U_OPS_FUTURE_TERM_DATES." It allows you to enter date range and department information to narrow your search.

Active STatus, non-working & Unpaid Employee Terminations

If an employee has neither worked nor been paid in a consecutive period of greater than 6 months, with no set expected return date, the department must submit an action in Manager’s Self-Service (MSS) to terminate the employee in GEMS. 

Information on the CHR Procedure can be found here