Recruitment Toolkit

Adjunct Hiring Process for Academic Affairs

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If you are rehiring an adjunct who has worked at USF in the past 12 months, you simply need to submit an ASF and an offer letter to HR. Previously there were more restrictions on how recent the background check and reference letters needed to be. We have changed those restrictions so that if an adjunct has worked at USF in the last 12 months you do not have to repeat background and reference checks.

The job code for adjuncts has changed. We previously entered adjuncts in code 9004 (Instructor) with the field “Empl Class” marked as “adjunct.” Beginning in Fall 2020 please use the following:

  • Adjunct – Academic Affairs in-unit. Job Code 9020, Union Code 40, Salary Plan 06
    Pertains to individuals who are contracted to teach courses on a temporary, part-time basis only and do not hold another appointment at USF. Single semester commitment. Includes only adjuncts within the SEIU collective bargaining unit.
  • Adjunct – Academic Affairs out of unit. Job Code 9020, Union Code 20, Salary Plan 01
    Pertains to individuals who are contracted to teach courses on a temporary, part-time basis only. Single semester commitment. Includes adjuncts with appointments at USF that preclude membership in the SEIU collective bargaining unit. This is usually for Administration and Staff employees who already are employed full-time by USF.

If you are hiring a new adjunct or one who has not taught at USF in the past 12 months, you need to follow the Category 2 recruitment process but you have the option of doing a regular recruitment. We will focus on the Category 2 recruitment process here:

  1. The individual responsible for the recruitment and hiring functions for a department, college and/or division is responsible to create a Targeted Recruitment in GEMS and email the link to the applicant. You can make up to ten hires through a single targeted recruitment if they are the same job code, salary, title and department. More typically, each applicant processed as a targeted recruitment will be associated to a unique job opening (one-to one relationship).

  2. Ensure the applicant completes the employment application on Careers@USF and that you fill out/provide and upload these required documents to the Activities and Attachment section of the job opening in GEMS:
    • Employment Verification Form - verifies the applicant’s current or most recent employment.
    • Employment Reference Form - you need 3 of these reference checks
    • Transcripts – at this point you may upload to the job opening, under the activities and
      attachments section, unofficial transcripts or diploma as acceptable forms or education
      verification. However, you will need to submit official transcripts to CHR as soon as possible to comply with accreditation credentialing guidelines. If official transcripts are on file, you will not need to resubmit another copy. You can email official transcripts to your Data Center HR Representative.
    • Background Check - You will need to initiate a background check through HireRight. 

  3. Accurately disposition the applicant through all required steps in GEMS. This must be completed before the job offer is approved. Your CHR Recruiter will notify you via email once the job offer has been approved.

  4. All brand new hires or rehires (who have not been employed for a period of more than 12 months) are required to go through the Right Start process on or before the employee’s first day of work. To initiate this process, you will need to compete the RightStart Request Form and the RightStart Team will send the applicant the documents they will need to fill out. 

Please note that steps outlined above must be completed prior to the employee’s first day of work.

Individuals hired as presenter/speakers in continuing education-type programs of short duration [not to exceed ten (10) days within a twelve (12) month period] are exempt from the usual requirement of obtaining employment reference checks, employment verifications, and education verifications, unless such documentation is specifically required by the USF department administering the continuing education program at issue.