Recruitment Toolkit

Closing the Interview

  • At the end of the interview informally summarize what the applicant has discussed about his/her background, qualifications, reasons for wanting the job, strengths and weaknesses. This gives the applicant an opportunity to add new information or clarify miscommunications.

  • Ask if the applicant has any questions about the workplace or the position and let him or her know what to expect next, such as follow-up interviews.

  • Invite the applicant to phone you if he/she has any additional questions and thank him or her for taking time to interview with your department.

  • Leave the applicant with an up-beat, positive last impression of the department.

  • Make the applicant aware of the selection timeline going forward (second interviews, how s/he will be informed of the outcome of the interview). 

  • Follow up with every person interviewed to let them know their status for the position. If the person was interviewed, follow up personally by telephone and/or email.